1. [ noun ] the act of making and recording a measurement
Related terms: measure measurement radio_observation detect
2. [ noun ] the act of observing; taking a patient look
Synonyms: watching observance
Related terms: look monitoring sighting stargazing note watch observe observe
3. [ noun ] the act of noticing or paying attention
Synonyms: notice observance

"he escaped the notice of the police"

Related terms: attention mind detect note notice observe observe
4. [ noun ] facts learned by observing

"he reported his observations to the mayor"

Related terms: fact scientific_fact watch observe observe
5. [ noun ] a remark expressing careful consideration
Synonyms: reflexion reflection
Related terms: remark Parkinson's_law Parkinson's_law watch observe observe
6. [ noun ] explicit notice
Synonyms: remark

"it passed without remark"

Related terms: notice comment
Similar spelling:   observational