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Definition of nowt

"nowt" is probably misspelled. Trying not instead Definition of not

1. not [ r ] negation of a word or group of words
Examples: "he does not speak French" "she is not going" "they are not friends" "not many" "not much" "not at all"

Used in print:

(The Atlanta Constitution...)

The jury did not elaborate , but it added that `` there should be periodic surveillance of the pricing practices of the concessionaires for the purpose of keeping the prices reasonable '' .

The petition said that the couple has not lived together as man_and_wife for more than a year .

He will be succeeded by Ivan_Allen_Jr. , who became a candidate in the Sept. 13 primary after Mayor_Hartsfield announced that he would not run for reelection .

The Highway_Department source told The_Constitution , however , that Vandiver has not been consulted yet about the plans to issue the new rural roads bonds .

While emphasizing that technical details were not fully worked_out , Pelham said his resolution would seek to set_aside the privilege resolution which the House voted through 87 - 31 .

Synonyms not

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