1. [ adjective ] not wide

"a narrow bridge" "a narrow line across the page"

Related terms: wide slender narrowed constricting straplike strait tapered limited thin narrow-minded width
2. [ verb ] make or become more narrow or restricted
Synonyms: contract

"The selection was narrowed" "The road narrowed"

Related terms: widen change bottleneck taper_off specialize pin_down contraction
3. [ adjective ] limited in size or scope

"the narrow sense of a word"

Related terms: limited
4. [ verb ] become more special
Synonyms: specialize specialise narrow_down

"We specialize in dried flowers"

Related terms: diversify change overspecialize
5. [ verb ] become tight or as if tight
Synonyms: constringe constrict

"Her throat constricted"

Related terms: tighten strangulate astringe narrowing
6. [ adjective ] lacking tolerance or flexibility or breadth of view
Synonyms: narrow-minded

"a brilliant but narrow-minded judge" "narrow opinions"

Related terms: broad-minded dogmatic opinionated little close-minded illiberal close-minded
7. [ verb ] define clearly
Synonyms: pin_down specify narrow_down nail_down peg_down

"I cannot narrow down the rules for this game"

Related terms: determine concretize specifier
8. [ adjective ] very limited in degree

"won by a narrow margin" "a narrow escape"

Related terms: wide bare
9. [ adjective ] characterized by painstaking care and detailed examination
Synonyms: minute

"a minute inspection of the grounds" "a narrow scrutiny" "an exact and minute report"

Related terms: careful
10. [ noun ] (nautical,geography) a narrow strait connecting two bodies of water
Related terms: channel strait Verrazano_Narrows
Similar spelling:   nary