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Definition of mounth

"mounth" is probably misspelled. Trying mount instead Definition of mount

1. mount [ v ] attach to a support
Examples: "They mounted the aerator on a floating"

Used in print:


The girls , very fetching in their uniforms , are shown firing rockets from a launcher mounted on a dump_truck ; they are also trained with carbines , automatic weapons , pistols , rifles and other such ladies ' accessories .

(Raymond C. Binder et al., editors, Proceedings...)

The anode in figure 2 was mounted by means of the anode holder which was attached to a steel plug and disk .

(Ross E. McKinney and Howard Edde, "Aerated...)

An extended cold_spell caused ice to build_up on the aerator which was mounted on a floating platform and caused the entire platform to sink lower in the water .

Synonyms mount Related Terms attach remount backing

2. mount [ v ] go up or advance
Examples: "Sales were climbing after prices were lowered"

Used in print:


This may be opera_bouffe now , but it will become more serious should the cold_war mount in frenzy .

Synonyms mount rise climb wax Related Terms wane increase jump advance upgrade climb waxing

3. mount [ v ] fix onto a backing, setting, or support
Examples: "mount slides for macroscopic analysis"

Used in print:

(A. N. Nagaraj and L. M. Black, "Localization of...)

The sections were mounted on cold slides smeared with Haupts ' adhesive ( Johansen , 1940 ) in earlier experiments , and in later experiments with a different mixture of the same components reported by Schramm and Rottger ( 1959 ) .

After blotting_out most of the liquid around the sections , the latter were mounted in buffered glycerine ( 7 parts glycerine to 3 parts of PBS ) .

The sections were then washed with PBS for 15 - 30_minutes and mounted in buffered glycerine .

Unstained sections mounted in buffered glycerine or sections treated only with NS or * * f did not show such green fluorescence .

Synonyms mount Related Terms prepare mounting

4. mount [ n ] a lightweight horse kept for riding only

Used in print:

(Louis Zara, Dark Rider....)

For a moment , boy and mount hung in midair .

Synonyms mount riding_horse saddle_horse Related Terms horse buckskin dun gray crowbait warhorse Tennessee_walker quarter_horse American_saddle_horse prancer remount Appaloosa Arabian hack cow_pony palfrey lipizzan Morgan hop_on

5. mount [ v ] put up or launch
Examples: "mount a campaign against pornography"

Used in print:

(Rocky Mountains News, [Denver, Colorado],...)

With Mickey_Mantle and Yogi_Berra both out_of_action due_to injuries , the American_League champs still mounted a 15 - hit attack against a parade of eight Cincinnati pitchers , the most ever used by one team in a series game .

Synonyms mount launch Related Terms initiate

6. mount [ v ] get on the back of
Examples: "mount a horse"

Used in print:

(David Stacton, The Judges of the Secret Court....)

He unhitched his horse , walked it away , mounted , and spurred it on .

Synonyms mount mount_up get_on jump_on climb_on bestride hop_on Related Terms hop_out move remount saddle_horse

7. mount [ v ] go upward with gradual or continuous progress
Examples: "Did you ever climb up the hill behind your house?"

Used in print:

(Frank Getlein and Harold C. Gardiner, S.J., Movies,...)

The unfortunate queen mounted the scaffold ; the headsman swung his axe ; the head dropped off ; end of film .

Synonyms climb climb_up mount go_up Related Terms rise ramp scale mountaineer escalade ride twine alight hop_on ascent climb climb climber climber crampon

8. mount [ n ] the act of climbing something
Examples: "it was a difficult climb to the top"

Used in print:

(Ralph J. Salisbury, "On the Old Santa Fe Trail...)

I seized the rack and made a western style flying mount just_in_time , one of my knees mercifully landing on my duffel_bag - and merely wrecking my camera , I was to discover later - my other knee landing on the slivery truck floor_boards and - but this is no medical_report .

Synonyms mount climb Related Terms rise mountain_climbing scaling rock_climbing clamber climb

9. mount [ v ] copulate with, as of animals
Examples: "The bull was riding the cow"

Synonyms mount ride Related Terms copulate mammal

10. mount [ v ] prepare and supply with the necessary equipment for execution or performance
Examples: "mount a theater production" "mount an attack' "mount a play"

Synonyms put_on mount Related Terms organize rerun

11. mount [ n ] a land mass that projects well above its surroundings; higher than a hill

Synonyms mountain mount Related Terms natural_elevation alp Olympus ben volcano seamount mountainside mountain_peak

12. mount [ n ] mounting consisting of a piece of metal (as in a ring or other jewelry) that holds a gem in place
Examples: "the diamond was in a plain gold mount"

Synonyms setting mount Related Terms mounting pave set

13. Mount [ n ] Last name, frequency rank in the U.S. is 3701

Synonyms Mount

14. mount [ n ] something forming a back that is added for strengthening

Synonyms backing mount Related Terms layer strengthener framework back

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