1. [ noun ] the time period between dawn and noon
Synonyms: morning_time forenoon morn

"I spent the morning running errands"

Related terms: time_period day early-morning_hour
2. [ adjective ] in the morning

"the morning hours"

Related terms: antemeridian
3. [ noun ] a conventional expression of greeting or farewell
Synonyms: good_morning
Related terms: greeting farewell
4. [ noun ] the first light of day
Synonyms: dawn break_of_day dawning daybreak dayspring sunup first_light sunrise break_of_the_day cockcrow aurora

"we got up before dawn" "they talked until morning"

Related terms: sunset hour
5. [ noun ] Last name, frequency rank in the U.S. is 14229
6. [ noun ] the earliest period
Synonyms: dawn

: "the dawn of civilization" "the morning of the world"

Related terms: start dawn
Similar spelling:   mourning