1. [ adjective ] relating to principles of right and wrong; i.e. to morals or ethics

"moral philosophy"

Related terms: ethical_motive
2. [ adjective ] concerned with principles of right and wrong or conforming to standards of behavior and character based on those principles

"moral sense" "a moral scrutiny" "a moral lesson" "a moral quandary" "moral convictions" "a moral life"

Related terms: amoral immoral moralistic chaste clean righteous incorrupt virtuous good righteous virtuous honorable chaste morality
3. [ noun ] the significance of a story or event
Synonyms: lesson

"the moral of the story is to love thy neighbor"

Related terms: meaning
4. [ adjective ] adhering to ethical and moral principles
Synonyms: ethical honourable honorable

"it seems ethical and right" "followed the only honorable course of action" "had the moral courage to stand alone"

Related terms: right
5. [ adjective ] psychological rather than physical or tangible in effect

"a moral victory" "moral support"

Related terms: mental
6. [ adjective ] arising from the sense of right and wrong

"a moral obligation"

Related terms: conscientious
7. [ adjective ] based on strong likelihood or firm conviction rather than actual evidence

"a moral certainty"

Related terms: near
Similar spelling:   morale