1. [ noun ] (religion,Islam) Muslims collectively and their civilization; based on a monotheistic religion believing that Mohammed was the last and major prophet of God
Synonyms: Islamism Muslimism Mohammadanism muhammadanism Islam

"the term Mohammedanism is offensive to Muslims"

Related terms: religion Shiah Sunni Muslim sigeh fatwah
2. [ noun ] (religion,Islam) the monotheistic religion of Muslims based on the Koran
Synonyms: Islamism Muhammadanism Muslimism Islam
Related terms: monotheism shiism salafi_movement wahabism Satan beelzebub genie mihrab tazir_crime hadith kismet ramadan halal pillar_of_islam halal ta'ziyeh mosque caaba houri paynim imam eblis islam_nation had_crime hadith
Similar spelling:   Mohammedan