1. [ noun ] (botany) small flowering evergreen tree of southern United States
Synonyms: laurel_cherry wild_orange Prunus_caroliniana cherry_laurel
Related terms: angiospermous_tree Prunus
2. [ noun ] (botany) shrubby thorny deciduous tree of southeastern United States with white flowers and small black drupaceous fruit
Synonyms: shittimwood shittim Bumelia_lycioides southern_buckthorn
Related terms: buckthorn
3. [ noun ] (botany) large hardy shrub with showy and strongly fragrant creamy-white flowers in short terminal racemes
Synonyms: syringa Philadelphus_coronarius
Related terms: philadelphus genus_Philadelphus
4. [ noun ] (botany) small shrubby deciduous yellowwood tree of south central United States having spines, glossy dark green leaves and an inedible fruit resembing an orange; its hard orange-colored wood used for bows by native Americans; frequently planted as boundary hedge
Synonyms: bow_wood Maclura_pomifera osage_orange
Related terms: angiospermous_yellowwood