1. [ noun ] a disorderly crowd of people
Synonyms: rabble rout
Related terms: crowd lynch_mob throng
2. [ adjective ] characteristic of a mob; disorderly or lawless
Synonyms: moblike mobbish

"mob rule" "fanned mounting tension into mobbish terrorizing" "moblike mentality"

Related terms: disorderly
3. [ noun ] (criminal law) a loose affiliation of gangsters in charge of organized criminal activities
Synonyms: syndicate family crime_syndicate
Related terms: organized_crime Mafia
4. [ verb ] press tightly together or cram
Synonyms: pile throng jam pack

"The crowd packed the auditorium"

Related terms: crowd batch multitude
5. [ noun ] (law,criminal law) an association of criminals
Synonyms: gang ring pack

"police tried to break up the gang" "a pack of thieves"

Related terms: association nest youth_gang organized_crime gangster
Similar spelling:   mop