1. [ noun ] a thin pliable sheet of material
Related terms: sheet drumhead gelatin gelatin
2. [ noun ] (botany,zoology) a pliable sheet of tissue that covers or lines or connects organs or cells of animals
Synonyms: tissue_layer
Related terms: plant_tissue animal_tissue mucous_membrane diaphragm intima retina periosteum trophoblast chorion ciliary_body tunic web amnion semipermeable_membrane endocranium eardrum lamella choroid sclera sarcolemma cornea cell_wall synovial_membrane axolemma meninx caul iris bowman's_capsule fetal_membrane lens_capsule basilar_membrane endosteum ependyma fertilization_membrane hyaloid_membrane perithelium chorioallantois serous_membrane phospholipid
Similar spelling:   Membracidae