1. [ noun ] reasoned and reasonable judgment

"it made a certain kind of logic"

Related terms: common_sense
2. [ noun ] (logic,philosophy) the branch of philosophy that analyzes inference
Related terms: philosophy modal_logic proof proposition paradox presuppose postulate inferential contradiction nonmonotonic interchangeable extensional noninterchangeable apodictic completeness non_sequitur corollary reflexivity intensional quantifier quantify postulation syncategorematic categorematic predicate axiom subject tautology consistency scopal explanandum explanans negation logic_operation logical_relation transitivity inductive analytic
3. [ noun ] the principles that guide reasoning within a given field or situation

"economic logic requires it" "by the logic of war"

Related terms: principle
4. [ noun ] (logic) a system of reasoning
Synonyms: system_of_logic logical_system
Related terms: system symbolic_logic Aristotlean_logic aristotelian_logic deduce induce extrapolate elicit negate
Similar spelling:   locus