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Definition of licensure

"licensure" is probably misspelled. Trying license instead Definition of license

1. license [ n ] a legal document giving official permission to do something

Used in print:

(Jack Kaplan, "The Health Machine Menace: Therapy by...)

The charge : violation of the California Medical_Practices Act by practicing medicine without a license and selling misbranded drugs .

When authorities convicted him of practicing medicine without a license ( he got_off with a suspended sentence of three years because of his advanced age of 77 ) , one of his victims was not around to testify : He was dead of cancer .

Synonyms permit license licence Related Terms legal_document occupation_license liquor_license hunting_license fishing_license driver's_license letter_of_marque marriage_license building_permit pass learner's_permit law

2. license [ n ] freedom to deviate deliberately from normally applicable rules or practices (especially in behavior or speech)

Used in print:

(Robert E. Lane, The Liberties of Wit: Humanism, Critici...)

The reader , observing this process , might ask `` why not be different '' ? and find in the answer a license to be a variant of the human species .

In the calm which follows the reading of a poem , for_example , is the effect produced by the enforced quiet , by the musical quality of words and rhythm , by the sentiments or sense of the poem , by the associations with earlier readings , if it is familiar , by the boost to the self-esteem for the semi-literate , by the diversion of attention , by the sense of security in a legitimized withdrawal , by a kind license for some variety of fantasy_life regarded_as forbidden , or by half conscious ideas about the magical_power of words ?

Synonyms license licence Related Terms liberty poetic_license

3. license [ v ] authorize officially
Examples: "I am licensed to practice law in this state"

Used in print:

(The Philadelphia Inquirer,...)

In_reply , Deputy Police_Commissioner Howard_R._Leary said that the city spends more_than $ 115000 annually to license and regulate dogs but collects only $ 43000 in fees .

(Lilian Pompian, "Tooth-Straightening Today"...)

To become an orthodontist , a man must first be licensed by his state as a dentist , then he must spend at_least two years in additional training to acquire a license as a specialist .

Synonyms license certify licence Related Terms decertify authorize accredit charter franchise certification licensee licenser approve

4. license [ n ] excessive freedom; lack of due restraint
Examples: : "when liberty becomes license dictatorship is near"- Will Durant "the intolerable license with which the newspapers break...the rules of decorum"- Edmund Burke

Synonyms licence license Related Terms liberty

5. license [ n ] the act of giving a formal (usually written) authorization

Synonyms permission permit license Related Terms authorization dispensation allowance clearance toleration conge allow

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