1. [ noun ] (biology,botany) edible red seaweeds
Synonyms: red_laver
Related terms: red_algae Porphyra
2. [ noun ] (Old Testament) large basin used by a priest in an ancient Jewish Temple to perform ritual ablutions
Related terms: basin Old_Testament
3. [ noun ] (sport,tennis,games) Australian tennis player who in 1962 was the second man to win the Australian and French and English and United States singles titles in the same year; in 1969 he repeated this feat (born in 1938)
Synonyms: rodney_george_laver rod_laver
Related terms: tennis_player
4. [ noun ] Last name, frequency rank in the U.S. is 22120
5. [ noun ] (biology,botany) seaweed with edible translucent crinkly green fronds
Synonyms: sea_lettuce
Related terms: green_algae Ulva
Similar spelling:   Lawver