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"je" is probably misspelled. Trying Jew instead Definition of Jew

1. Jew [ n ] a person belonging to the worldwide group claiming descent from Jacob (or converted to it) and connected by cultural or religious ties

Used in print:

(Robert Penn Warren, Wilderness....)

He thought : I am a Jew from Bavaria .

He was standing there , he thought , in Virginia , in the thickening dusk , in a costly greatcoat that had belonged_to another Jew .

That other Jew , a young_man too , had left that greatcoat behind , in a rich house , and marched away .

What had that man , that other young Jew , felt as he stood in the twilight and heard other men , far_away , singing together ?

(Irving Stone, The Agony and the Ecstasy....)

They took Jesus 's body , then , and wrapped it in winding-clothes with the spices ; that is how the Jews prepare a body for burial .

Synonyms Jew israelite Hebrew Related Terms person Jesus Moses Zionist Simeon Job Hosea Wandering_Jew Abraham kike Jewess David Elijah Lot sephardi Isaac Jeremiah Esau levite John_the_Baptist Jonah Joseph Joseph Joshua sadducee orthodox_jew reform_jew essene conservative_jew Pharisee sephardi zealot ashkenazi Judaism jewry

Rhymes with

g ji gee agee edgy cagey fiji veggie algae fuji orgy pudgy shoji clergy bungee golgi rangy stodgy dingy mangy apogee energy effigy elegy allergy spongy grungy squeegee stingy eulogy synergy liturgy lethargy petrology penology sociology geomorphology pathology pedagogy terminology paleontology otology serology ornithology ethology seismology technology urology epistemology ontology ophthalmology oncology numerology rheumatology scientology neurology mythology refugee dermatology morphology mycology strategy gynecology trilogy virology gerontology criminology geology genealogy chronology micropaleontology cardiology methodology microbiology etymology etiology mineralogy ethnology biology epidemiology entomology metallurgy endocrinology embryology meteorology egyptology archeology apology ecology doxology prodigy psychology demagogy cytology radiology cosmology anthropology anesthesiology limnology kinesiology physiology biotechnology pomology basenji bacteriology astrology ideology archaeology immunology histology hematology anthology pharmacology analogy phraseology theology toxicology zoology

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