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Definition of it's

"it's" is probably misspelled. Trying its instead Definition of its

1. its [ o ] pronoun, third person singular possessive

Synonyms its his their her

2. its [ o ] pronoun, third person singular possessive

Synonyms hers its

Rhymes with

its it's ritz kits writs pits fits knits wits wit's lits sits its it's hits quits spits blitz glitz brits spitz britts grits hits pits wits lits wit's writs knits kits sits ritz fits willets tippets nimitz rickets britts brits spits blitz quits grits glitz spitz auschwitz spirits credits profits plaudits credit's stieglitz nimitz tippets rickets willets slivovitz immaculate horowitz spirits credit's credits auschwitz plaudits profits slivovitz stieglitz horowitz immaculate

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