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Definition of intrested

"Intrested" is probably misspelled. Trying interested instead Definition of interested

1. interested [ a ] having or showing interest; especially curiosity or fascination or concern
Examples: "an interested audience" "interested in sports" "was interested to hear about her family" "interested in knowing who was on the telephone" "interested spectators"

Used in print:

(Tristram P. Coffin, "Folklore in the American Twentieth...)

And while every writer must be dealt with as a special case , the interested student will want to ask himself a number of questions about each .

(Handbook of Federal Aids to Communities. U.S. Dep...)

SBA works closely with the principal property disposal installations of the Federal_Government in reviewing proposed sales programs and identifying those types of property that small business_concerns are most likely to be interested in purchasing .

(Frederick Mosteller et al., Probability with...)

For_example , we are interested in the number of bull's-eyes , not which shots were bull's-eyes .

(Douglas Ashford, "Elections in Morocco: Progress...)

The electoral procedure prevented the ready identification of party affiliation , but all vitally interested parties , including the government itself , were busily engaged in determining the party identifications of all successful candidates the month following the elections .

(Brand Blanshard, "The Emotive Theory," Robert...)

Let us take a set of circumstances in which I happen to be interested on the legislative side and in which I think every one of us might naturally make such a statement .

Synonyms interested Related Terms uninterested fascinated curious

2. interested [ a ] involved in or affected by or having a claim to or share in
Examples: "a memorandum to those concerned" "an enterprise in which three men are concerned" "factors concerned in the rise and fall of epidemics" "the interested parties met to discuss the business"

Used in print:

(Sports Age, 24:9...)

Other THC activities followed , conducted by shopping_centers , department_stores , recreation equipment dealers , radio - TV stations , newspapers , and other organizations interested in the need existing to acquaint youngsters with the proper use of sporting firearms and the development of correct attitudes and appreciations related_to hunting and wise use of our natural_resources .

Synonyms concerned interested Related Terms involved

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