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Definition of infront

"infront" is probably misspelled. Trying in_front instead Definition of in_front

1. in_front [ r ] at or in the front
Examples: "I see the lights of a town ahead" "the road ahead is foggy" "staring straight ahead" "we couldn't see over the heads of the people in front" "with the cross of Jesus marching on before"

Used in print:

(The Sun, [Baltimore],...)

The Orioles got a run in the first inning when Breeding , along with Robinson , the two Birds who got a pair of hits , doubled to right center , moved to third on Russ_Snyder 's single to right and crossed on Kunkel 's wild_pitch into the dirt in_front of the plate .

Richard_M._Forbes 's Paget , which had what seemed to be a substantial lead in the early stages , tired rapidly nearing the wire and was able to save place money only a head in_front of Glen_T._Hallowell 's Milties_Miss .

Mills shot out in_front and kept the lead through two thirds of the race .

(Rocky Mountains News, [Denver, Colorado],...)

Al_Smith 's 340 - blast over left in the fourth - his fourth homer of the campaign - tied the score and Carreon 's first major_league home_run in the fifth put the Sox back in_front .

A double by Green , Allison 's run scoring 2_baser , an infield single by Lemon and Gardner 's solid single to center put the Twins back in_front in the last of the fifth .

Synonyms in_front ahead before

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