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Definition of infact

"infact" is probably misspelled. Trying in_fact instead Definition of in_fact

1. in_fact [ r ] in reality or actuality
Examples: "in fact, it was a wonder anyone survived" "painters who are in fact anything but unsophisticated" "as a matter of fact, he is several inches taller than his father"

Used in print:

(Bern Dibner, "Oerstad and the Discovery of Electro...)

In one debate he supported the freedom of judgment as_opposed_to dogma , in another he held that the practice of science was in_fact an act of religious worship .

(Philip Reaves, "Who Rules the Marriage Bed?"...)

It can , in_fact , wreck a marriage .

Some psychologists , in_fact , suggest that career bound husbands often are more to blame for topsy-turvy marriages than their wives .

In_fact , the noted psychologist and sex researcher , Dr._Albert_Ellis , has declared flatly that women are `` sexually superior '' to men .

(Harold Rosenberg, "The Trial and Eichmann"...)

This , in_fact , it turned_out to be .

Synonyms in_fact as_a_matter_of_fact in_point_of_fact

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