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Definition of inapropriate

"Inapropriate" is probably misspelled. Trying inappropriate instead Definition of inappropriate

1. inappropriate [ a ] not suitable for a particular occasion etc
Examples: "noise seems inappropriate at a time of sadness" "inappropriate shoes for a walk on the beach" "put inappropriate pressure on them"

Used in print:

(John Michael Ray, "Rhode Island's Reactions...)

The Warren_Telegraph stated that many of Rev._Trafton 's remarks were inappropriate and savored strongly of radicalism and fanaticism .

(Guy Endore, Voltaire! Voltaire!...)

His fear of making some inane or inappropriate remark .

Synonyms inappropriate Related Terms appropriate unsuitable unbefitting improper malapropos appropriateness

2. inappropriate [ a ] not conforming with accepted standards of propriety or taste; undesirable
Examples: "incorrect behavior" "she was seen in all the wrong places" "He thought it was wrong for her to go out to work"

Synonyms incorrect wrong inappropriate Related Terms improper

3. inappropriate [ a ] not in keeping with what is correct or proper
Examples: "completely inappropriate behavior"

Synonyms unfitting incompatible out_or_keeping inappropriate Related Terms incongruous

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