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Definition of impressa

"impressa" is probably misspelled. Trying impress instead Definition of impress

1. impress [ v ] have an emotional or cognitive impact upon
Examples: "This child impressed me as unusually mature" "This behavior struck me as odd"

Used in print:

(Nathan Rapport, ""I've Been Here before!"...)

When we arrive_at the events concerned in the vanished majority , they , of_course , cannot impress us as anything familiar .

(James Thurber, "The Future, If Any, of Comedy,"...)

`` What has impressed you most on your present visit '' ?

Synonyms strike impress move affect Related Terms surprise disturb touch move sweep_away hit_home awaken pierce sadden jar zap infect smite strike_dumb cloud engrave hit motivate feel

2. impress [ v ] impress positively
Examples: "The young chess player impressed her audience"

Used in print:

(John Dos Passos, Midcentury....)

I 'd have been more impressed if I had n't remembered that she 'd played Hedda_Gabler in her highschool dramatics course .

(James Thurber, "The Future, If Any, of Comedy,"...)

`` I would say depressed , not impressed '' , I told him .

Synonyms impress Related Terms affect wow prepossess

3. impress [ v ] produce or try to produce a vivid impression of
Examples: "Mother tried to ingrain respect for our elders in us"

Used in print:

(Barry Goldwater, "A Foreign Policy for America"...)

I have often searched for a graphic way of impressing our superiority on those Americans who have doubts , and I think Mr._Jameson_Campaigne has done it well in his new book American_Might_and_Soviet_Myth .

Synonyms impress instill ingrain Related Terms affect inculcation

4. impress [ v ] mark or stamp with or as if with pressure
Examples: "To make a batik, you impress a design with wax"

Used in print:

(The Christian Science Monitor,...)

These are then mixed by their sound engineers with the active co-operation of the musical staff and combined into the final two channels which are impressed on the record .

Synonyms impress imprint Related Terms change_surface stamp emboss press

5. impress [ v ] take (someone) against his will for compulsory service, esp. on board a ship
Examples: "The men were shanghaied after being drugged"

Synonyms impress shanghai Related Terms kidnap crime shanghaier

6. impress [ v ] dye (fabric) before it is spun

Synonyms yarn-dye impress Related Terms dye

7. impress [ v ] reproduce by printing

Synonyms impress print Related Terms write italicize boldface prove letter typeset cyclostyle overprint offset multigraph print printing printer

8. impress [ n ] the act of coercing someone into government service

Synonyms impressment impress Related Terms seizure shanghai

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