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Definition of immaculata

"immaculata" is probably misspelled. Trying immaculate instead Definition of immaculate

1. immaculate [ a ] completely neat and clean
Examples: "the apartment was immaculate" "in her immaculate white uniform" "a spick-and-span kitchen" "their spic red-visored caps"

Used in print:

(Gerald Green, The Heartless Light....)

McFeeley noted the immaculate lawn and gardens : each blade of grass cropped , bright and firm ; each shrub glazed with good_health .

Synonyms spotless spic immaculate spic-and-span spick spick-and-span speckless Related Terms clean

2. immaculate [ a ] free from stain or blemish

Synonyms undefiled immaculate Related Terms pure

3. immaculate [ a ] without fault or error
Examples: "faultless logic" "speaks impeccable French" "timing and technique were immaculate" "an immaculate record"

Synonyms impeccable immaculate faultless Related Terms perfect

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