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Definition of imediately

"imediately" is probably misspelled. Trying immediately instead Definition of immediately

1. immediately [ r ] without delay; with no time intervening
Examples: "he answered immediately" "found an answer straightaway" "an official accused of dishonesty should be suspended forthwith" "Come here now!"

Used in print:

(Bern Dibner, "Oerstad and the Discovery of Electro...)

He was stirred by the announcement of Volta 's discovery of chemical electricity and he immediately applied the voltaic_pile to experiments with acids and alkalis .

(The Rev. John A. O'Brien, "Let's Take Birth Control...)

Immediately , the religious groups of the city were embroiled in an angry dispute over the alleged invasion of a man 's right to freedom of religious_belief and conscience .

(L. Don Leet and Florence J. Leet, editors, The World of...)

The moment the alarm goes_off , information is immediately forwarded to Honolulu , which is the center of the warning system .

The warning system immediately went into action .

(Booton Herndon, "From Custer to Korea, The 7th Cavalry"...)

He had enlisted in the Army straight out of high_school and had immediately set_about learning his new trade .

Synonyms immediately at_once now instantly right_away directly forthwith straightaway in_real_time Related Terms immediate

2. immediately [ r ] without delay or hesitation; with no time intervening
Examples: "he answered immediately" "found an answer straightaway" "an official accused of dishonesty should be suspended forthwith" "Come here now!"

Synonyms immediately at_once now right_away instantly directly forthwith straightaway straight_off like_a_shot in_real_time Related Terms immediate

3. immediately [ r ] near or close by
Examples: "he passed immediately behind her"

Used in print:

(J. F. Vedder, "Micrometeorites", in Francis S. J...)

The figures in the next-to-last column are derived with the assumption of 50 per_cent shielding by the Earth ; hence , these figures apply immediately above the Earth 's atmosphere .

(S. Idell Pyle, et al., Onsets, Completions, and...)

Thus , a child 's Skeletal Age `` dots '' may be classified as `` advanced '' when they appear above the middle curve , `` moderate '' when they appear immediately above or below the middle curve , and `` delayed '' when they appear below the lower curve .

Onsets , Completions , and Skeletal Ages ( Hand ) of boy 34 and girl 2 may be directly compared and classified , using only those Skeletal Ages which appear immediately below the Onset Profile and the Completion Profile .

(Jim Berry Pearson, The Maxwell Land Grant....)

With the first reports , Russell 's horse wheeled to the right and ran towards the buildings while Cook , followed by a hail of bullets , raced towards the arroyo of Salyer_'s_Canyon immediately in_front_of him , just reaching it as his horse fell .

(Robert A. Futterman, The Future of Our Cities....)

The downtown store continues to offer the great inducement of variety , both within its gates and across the street , where other department_stores are immediately convenient for the shopper who wants to see what is available before making_up_her_mind .

Synonyms immediately Related Terms contiguous contiguous

4. immediately [ r ] bearing an immediate relation
Examples: "this immediately concerns your future"

Synonyms immediately Related Terms immediate immediate

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