1. [ verb ] take in, also metaphorically
Synonyms: absorb suck_up take_up sop_up draw take_in soak_up suck

"The sponge absorbs water well" "She drew strength from the minister's words"

Related terms: wipe_up blot sponge_up attract attract distract aspirate suck_in aspirate suck_in chump absorption sucking absorber
2. [ verb ] take in liquids
Synonyms: drink

"The patient must drink several liters each day" "The children like to drink soda"

Related terms: consume sip gulp suck toss_off drain_the_cup guzzle swill guggle lap toss_off drain_the_cup drink drinking beverage swallow
3. [ verb ] (chemistry) take into solution, as of gas, light, or heat
Synonyms: assimilate
Related terms: absorb imbibition
4. [ verb ] (education) receive into the mind and retain

"Imbibe ethical principles"

Related terms: absorb
Similar spelling:   imbiber