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Definition of ignor

"ignor" is probably misspelled. Trying ignore instead Definition of ignore

1. ignore [ v ] refuse to acknowledge
Examples: "She cut him dead at the meeting"

Used in print:

(Douglas Ashford, "Elections in Morocco: Progress...)

The P.D.I. and later the Popular_Movement protected the Istiqlal 's `` privileged position '' until the fall of Balafrej , and_then the Istiqlal used the same argument , which it had previously ignored , against the pro U.N.F.P. tendencies of the Ibrahim government .

(Jim Berry Pearson, The Maxwell Land Grant....)

And the law virtually ignored the situation .

(Guy Bolton, The Olympians....)

Alastor was published only to be savagely attacked , contemptuously ignored .

(Bruce Palmer, "My Brother's Keeper", Many Are...)

Though Watson carefully ignored the man , he could not deny his presence .

(Frieda Arkin, "The Light of the Sea," in The...)

Abel ignored the half expressed bid for confirmation .

Synonyms ignore disregard snub cut Related Terms treat snub

2. ignore [ v ] bar from attention or consideration
Examples: "She dismissed his advances"

Used in print:

(Edward Austin Walton, "On Education for the Interior...)

The question , however , cannot be ignored for long .

(Frank Oppenheimer, "Science and Fear-- A Discussion...)

We have ample light when the sun sets ; the temperature of our homes is independent of the seasons ; we fly through the air , although gravity pulls us down ; the range of our voice ignores distance .

Synonyms dismiss ignore discount disregard brush_aside push_aside brush_off Related Terms reject neglect scoff shrug_off pass_off laugh_off discredit cold-shoulder turn_a_blind_eye disoblige brush-off

3. ignore [ v ] fail to notice

Used in print:

(Organic Gardening and Farming,...)

That done , her work is accomplished and she ignores the plant .

(Frank Getlein and Harold C. Gardiner, S.J., Movies,...)

But in_general the European efforts to make an art of the entertainment had ignored the slowly emerging language of the film itself .

(Gerald Green, The Heartless Light....)

And he ignored him , skirting the parked cars and walking up the path to the Skopas house .

Synonyms ignore Related Terms notice pass_up

4. ignore [ v ] give little or no attention to
Examples: "Disregard the errors"

Used in print:

(Octavia Waldo, A Cup of the Sun....)

And once she , too , ignored him .

Synonyms ignore neglect disregard cold-shoulder slight Related Terms dismiss disrespect pretermit disregard disregard

5. ignore [ v ] be ignorant of or in the dark about

Synonyms ignore Related Terms know ignorance

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