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Definition of hypocrit

"Hypocrit" is probably misspelled. Trying hypocrite instead Definition of hypocrite

1. hypocrite [ n ] a person who professes beliefs and opinions that they do not hold

Used in print:

(Chicago Daily Tribune...)

His addle-brained knight-errant , self appointed to the ridiculous position in an age when armor had already been relegated to museums and the chivalrous code of knight-errantry had become a joke , is , as Cervantes no_doubt intended , a gaunt but gracious symbol of good , moving soberly and sincerely in a world of cynics , hypocrites and rogues .

(Edward P. Lawton, "Northern Liberals and Southern...)

Whatever their faults , they are not hypocrites .

(Guy Endore, Voltaire! Voltaire!...)

Rousseau was aware that he must seem like a hypocrite , standing there and arguing that he could not possibly permit a public performance .

Synonyms hypocrite phony phoney pretender dissembler Related Terms deceiver smoothie tartuffe whited_sepulcher feign

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