1. [ noun ] a long loud emotional utterance
Synonyms: howl ululation

"he gave a howl of pain" "howls of laughter" "their howling had no effect"

Related terms: utterance howl roar
2. [ adjective ] noisy with or as if with loud cries and shouts
Synonyms: yelling crying shouting

"a crying mass of rioters" "a howling wind" "shouting fans" "the yelling fiend"

Related terms: noisy
3. [ adjective ] extraordinarily good; used especially as intensifiers
Synonyms: wonderful tremendous marvelous fantastic terrific wondrous marvellous rattling

"a fantastic trip to the Orient" "the film was fantastic!" "a howling success" "a marvelous collection of rare books" "had a rattling conversation about politics" "a tremendous achievement"

Related terms: extraordinary
Similar spelling:   Hollings