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Definition of hideyo

"hideyo" is probably misspelled. Trying hide instead Definition of hide

1. hide [ v ] prevent from being seen or discovered
Examples: "Muslim women hide their faces" "hide the money"

Used in print:

(Jim Berry Pearson, The Maxwell Land Grant....)

A bullet fired by one of the Mexicans hiding in a little chicken house had passed_through his head , tearing a hole two inches square on the outgoing side .

(Christopher Davis, First Family....)

The heavy branches in his front_yard would hide and then reveal them .

(Clayton C. Barbeau, The Ikon....)

Between the ponderous hulk and himself , in the valley over which Papa-san reigned , men had hidden high_explosives , booby_traps , and mines .

The others likewise had hidden themselves in the grass and the brush .

(Robert Penn Warren, Wilderness....)

He heard the words : `` Rock_of_Ages , cleft for me , Let me hide myself in Thee !

Synonyms hide conceal Related Terms show lurk bury veil obscure cover disguise sweep_under_the_rug harbor bosom secrete block cover concealment privacy

2. hide [ v ] be or go into hiding; keep out of sight, as for protection and safety
Examples: : "Probably his horse would be close to where he was hiding" "She is hiding out in a cabin in Montana"

Used in print:

(Cordwainer Smith, "A Planet Named Shayol,"...)

Though they saw the old-style chemical rockets lift_up from the field beyond B ' dikkat 's cabin , they did not make plans to hide among the frozen crop of transmuted flesh .

Synonyms hide hide_out Related Terms lie_low hole_up earth stow_away lie_low hunker_down hideout

3. hide [ n ] the dressed skin of an animal (especially a large animal)

Used in print:

(Gene Caesar, Rifle for Rent....)

I heard o ' Texas cattlemen wrappin ' a cow thief up in green hides and lettin ' the sun shrink ' em and squeeze him to death .

Synonyms hide fell Related Terms animal_skin rawhide cowhide goatskin

4. hide [ n ] body covering of a living animal

Used in print:

(Clifford H. Pope, The Giant Snakes....)

Measurements of skins are of little value ; every snake hide is noticeably longer than its carcass and intentional stretching presents no difficulty to the unscrupulous explorer .

Synonyms skin hide pelt Related Terms body_covering skin

5. hide [ v ] cover as if with a shroud
Examples: "The origins of this civilization are shrouded in mystery"

Synonyms shroud cover hide enshroud Related Terms envelop pall

6. hide [ v ] go into hiding or conceal oneself
Examples: "Where is your little brother hiding?"

Synonyms hide Related Terms earth

7. hide [ v ] make undecipherable or imperceptible by obscuring or concealing
Examples: "a hidden message" "a veiled threat"

Synonyms blot_out obliterate hide veil obscure Related Terms change concealment

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