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Definition of heilong

"heilong" is probably misspelled. Trying healing instead Definition of healing

1. healing [ a ] tending to cure or restore to health
Examples: "curative powers of herbal remedies" "her gentle healing hand" "remedial surgery" "a sanative environment of mountains and fresh air" "a therapeutic agent" "therapeutic diets"

Used in print:

(Harold Searles, "Schizophrenic Communication,"...)

Eventually it became clear to me , partly with the aid of another schizophrenic patient who could point_out my condescension to me somewhat more directly , that this man , with his condescending , `` You 're welcome '' , was very accurately personifying an element of obnoxious condescension which had been present in my own demeanor , over these months , on each of these occasions when I had bid him good-bye with the consoling note , each time , that the healing Christ would be stooping_to dispense this succor to the poor suffered again on the morrow .

Synonyms therapeutic healing remedial sanative alterative curative Related Terms healthful

2. healing [ n ] the natural process by which the body repairs itself

Used in print:

(Gibson Winter, The Suburban Captivity of the...)

There is much talk in theological circles about the `` Church as Mission '' and the `` Church 's Mission '' ; theologians have been stressing the fact that the Church does not exist for its own sake but as a testimony in the world for the healing of the world .

Synonyms healing Related Terms bodily_process convalescence conglutination mend

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