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"hed" is probably misspelled. Trying head instead Definition of head

1. head [ n ] the upper part of the human body or the front part of the body in animals; contains the face and brains
Examples: "he stuck his head out the window"

Used in print:

(Harold Rosenberg, "The Trial and Eichmann"...)

And still another witness , one who had crawled out from under a heap of corpses , had_to tell how the victims had been forced to lay themselves head to foot one on top of the other before being shot .

But if there was evidence at the Trial that aimed over Eichmann 's head at his collaborators in the societies where he functioned , the press seems to have missed it .

(James Boylan, "Mutinity"...)

Instead of quelling the dissension , as many captains of the era would have done ( Sir_Francis_Drake lopped a man 's head off under similar circumstances ) , Hudson decided to be reasonable .

(Bell I. Wiley, "Home Letters of Johnny Reb and Billy...)

Sometimes soldiers wrote letters while bullets were whizzing about their heads .

His head cannot contain enough sense to command a regiment , much less a corps .

Synonyms head caput Related Terms external_body_part human_head body animal face ear brain skull muzzle temple basilar_artery

2. head [ v ] to go or travel towards
Examples: : "where is she heading" "We were headed for the mountains"

Used in print:

(The Atlanta Constitution...)

The Georgia_Legislature will wind_up its 1961 session Monday and head for home - where some of the highway bond money it approved will follow shortly .

(The Sun, [Baltimore],...)

`` Take a ride on this one '' , Brooks_Robinson greeted Hansen as the Bird third_sacker grabbed a bat , headed for the plate and bounced a third inning two run double off the left centerfield wall tonight .

(The Dallas Morning News,...)

`` Buster would solve that quarterback problem just_as we head that way '' .

(The New York Times,...)

`` It was a nice round figure , that 12 '' , he said as he headed for the clubhouse , not too_much perturbed .

(Jim Berry Pearson, The Maxwell Land Grant....)

After spending two nights ( Wednesday and Thursday ) in Catskill , the deputies again headed for the Vermejo to finish their business .

Synonyms head Related Terms proceed take bearing forefront

3. head [ n ] a single domestic animal
Examples: : "200 head of cattle"

Used in print:

(Successful Farming, 59:12...)

To increase rate of gain and improve feed efficiency , feed 75 milligrams per head in daily supplement .

To reduce incidence of liver abscesses , supply 75 milligrams of oxytetracycline activity per head daily .

For the prevention or treatment of the early stages of shipping_fever complex , increase feeding level to 0.5 to 2 grams per head per day .

Not less than 70 milligrams of Aureomycin per head daily to aid in the prevention of liver abscesses in feed-lot beef_cattle .

Feed at level of 70 milligrams per head per day .

Synonyms head Related Terms domestic_animal

4. head [ v ] be in charge of
Examples: "Who is heading this project?"

Used in print:

(The New York Times,...)

Shaw and Skorich headed a group of players , coaches and team officials who received an engrossed copy of an official city citation and a pair of silver cufflinks shaped like a football .

Named by Mayor_Wagner three years ago to head a committee that included James_A._Farley , Bernard_Gimbel and Clint_Blume , Shea worked relentlessly .

The New_York franchise is headed by Mrs._Charles_Shipman_Payson .

(W. E. B. DuBois, Worlds of Color....)

The Deacon_Board , headed by a black_man named Carlson , had practically taken_over as the pastor grew old , and had_its_way with the support of the Amen_corner .

Synonyms head lead Related Terms direct take_hold spearhead chair captain lead

5. head [ n ] that which is responsible for one's thoughts and feelings; the seat of the faculty of reason
Examples: "his mind wandered" "I couldn't get his words out of my head"

Used in print:

(Brand Blanshard, "The Emotive Theory," Robert...)

If it could be shown that judgments of good and bad were not judgments at_all , that they asserted nothing true or false , but merely expressed emotions like `` Hurrah '' or `` Fiddlesticks '' , then these wayward judgments would cease from troubling and weary heads could be at_rest .

(David Stacton, The Judges of the Secret Court....)

In the audience a man named Ferguson lost his head and tried to rescue a little girl from the mob , on the same principle which had led Miss_Harris to demand water .

As_usual , Mrs._Lincoln had lost her head , but nobody blamed her for doing so now .

Synonyms mind head brain psyche nous Related Terms cognition tabula_rasa unconscious_mind subconscious_mind ego noddle mind

6. head [ n ] a person who is in charge
Examples: "the head of the whole operation"

Used in print:

(Jaroslav Pelikan, The Shape of Death: life, death and...)

Each man can identify himself with the history and the death of Jesus_Christ because Jesus_Christ has identified himself with human history and human_death , coming as the head of a new humanity .

(Tristram Coffin, Not to the Swift....)

She was the widow of a writer who had died in an airplane crash , and Mickie had found her a job as head of the historical section of the Treasury .

(Evan Esar, Humorous English; a guide to comic ,...)

In one cartoon a family is shown outside a theater with the head of the family addressing the doorman : `` Excuse me , but when we came_out we found that we had left my daughter 's handbag and my wife 's behind '' .

(James Thurber, "The Future, If Any, of Comedy,"...)

This is the force , in our time and in every other time , that urges the paranoiac and the manic-depressive to become head of a state .

Synonyms head chief top_dog Related Terms leader secretary administrator general_manager capo don department_head grand_dragon patriarch general Indian_chief head_of_household administrator

7. head [ n ] the front of a military formation or procession
Examples: "the head of the column advanced boldly" "they were at the head of the attack"

Synonyms head Related Terms rear formation military lead steer

8. head [ v ] travel in front of; go in advance of others
Examples: : "The procession was headed by John"

Used in print:

(The Times-Picayune, [New Orleans],...)

Division three will be headed by the Marines followed by 12 states ; division four will be headed by the Navy , followed by 11 states ; division five , by the Air_Force followed by 11 states .

Division three will be headed by the Marines followed by 12 states ; division four will be headed by the Navy , followed by 11 states ; division five , by the Air_Force followed by 11 states .

Division six will be headed by the Coast_Guard , followed by the reserve forces of all services , five states , Puerto_Rico , the_Virgin Islands , Guam , American_Samoa , the trust_territories and the Canal_Zone .

Synonyms lead head Related Terms precede draw_away leader headway

9. head [ n ] the pressure exerted by a fluid
Examples: "a head of steam"

Used in print:

(Harry H. Hull, "The Normal Forces and Their Ther...)

It is presumed that this negative head was associated with some geometric factor of the assembly , since different readings were obtained with the same fluid and the only apparent difference was the assembly and disassembly of the apparatus .

This negative pressure is not explained by the velocity head * * f since this is not sufficient to explain the readings by several magnitudes .

The actual change * * f caused by a shear field is calculated by multiplying the pressure differential times the volume , just_as_it_is for any gravitational or osmotic_pressure head .

Synonyms head Related Terms pressure

10. head [ v ] be the first or leading member of (a group) and excel
Examples: "This student heads the class"

Used in print:

(The Atlanta Constitution,...)

That such expansion can be obtained without a raise in taxes is_due to growth of the tax digest and sound fiscal planning on the part of the board of commissioners , headed by Chairman_Charles_O._Emmerich who is demonstrating that the public trust he was given was well placed , and other county officials .

(Richard B. Morris, "Seven Who Set Our Destiny"...)

Author of the Albany_Plan of Union , which , had it been adopted , might have avoided the Revolution , he fought the colonists ' front-line battles in London , negotiated the treaty of alliance with France and the peace that ended the war , headed the state_government of Pennsylvania , and exercised an important moderating influence at the Federal_Convention .

Synonyms head_up head Related Terms be lead

11. head [ a ] (of persons) highest in rank or authority or office
Examples: "his arch rival" "the boss man" "the chief executive" "head librarian" "top administrators"

Used in print:

(The New York Times,...)

Nick_Skorich , the line_coach for the football champion Philadelphia_Eagles , was elevated today to head coach .

Skorich was considered the logical choice after the club gave Norm_Van_Brocklin permission to seek the head coaching_job with the Minnesota_Vikings , the newest National_Football_League entry .

Synonyms top chief head boss arch Related Terms important

12. head [ v ] direct the course; determine the direction of travelling

Used in print:

(James Boylan, "Mutinity"...)

On the third voyage , a near mutiny rising from a quarrel between Dutch and English crew_members on the Half_Moon had almost forced him to head the ship back to Amsterdam in mid Atlantic .

(Donald J. Plantz, Sweeney Squadron....)

Finally , as time began to run_out , he headed into Ormoc and glide-bombed a group of houses that Intelligence had thought might contain Japanese supplies .

Synonyms guide point maneuver steer head channelise manoeuver channelize direct manoeuvre manouevre Related Terms control park navigate stand_out navigate corner dock channel starboard sheer pull_over conn crab driving maneuver guidance bearing guide maneuverer forefront helmsman steering

13. head [ n ] the source of water from which a stream arises
Examples: "they tracked him back toward the head of the stream"

Used in print:

(John Harnsberger and Robert P. Wilkins,...)

In September 1822 two companies of infantry arrived_at the mouth of the St._Peter's_River , the head of navigation on the Mississippi , and began construction of Fort_St._Anthony which , upon completion , was renamed in_honor_of its commander , Colonel_Josiah_Snelling .

Synonyms head headspring fountainhead Related Terms beginning

14. head [ a ] (grammar) of a word in a phrase; the word playing the same grammatical role in the sentence that the phrase itself plays
Examples: "the head noun in the phrase `fresh fish' is `fish,' which is the direct object in the sentence `I bought fresh fish'"

Used in print:

(Ralph B. Long. The Sentence and Its Parts: A...)

From the point_of_view of syntactic analysis the head word in the statement is the predicator has broken , and from the point_of_view of meaning it would seem that the trouble centers in the breaking ; but dominant stress will be assigned to broken only in rather exceptional versions of the sentence .

Synonyms head Related Terms significant

15. head [ n ] (linguistics) the word in a grammatical constituent that plays the same grammatical role as the whole constituent

Used in print:

(Ralph B. Long. The Sentence and Its Parts: A...)

In there are n't many young people in the neighborhood the modifier young takes dominant stress away from its head people : the fact that the young creatures of interest are people seems rather obvious .

Synonyms head head_word Related Terms word grammar

16. head [ n ] the top of something
Examples: "the head of the stairs" "the head of the page" "the head of the list"

Used in print:

(John Dos Passos, Midcentury....)

He slept in the hall bedroom at the head of the stairs .

Synonyms head Related Terms foot top

17. head [ v ] be in the front of or on top of
Examples: "The list was headed by the name of the president"

Synonyms head Related Terms lie lie surmount crown heading forefront

18. head [ n ] a difficult juncture
Examples: "a pretty pass" "matters came to a head yesterday"

Synonyms head straits pass Related Terms juncture

19. head [ n ] the rounded end of a bone that bits into a rounded cavity in another bone to form a joint
Examples: "the head of the humerus"

Synonyms head Related Terms structure

20. head [ n ] the part in the front or nearest the viewer
Examples: "he was in the forefront" "he was at the head of the column"

Synonyms head forefront Related Terms front lead

21. head [ n ] (computer science) a tiny electromagnetic coil and metal pole used to write and read magnetic patterns on a disk

Synonyms head read/write_head Related Terms coil computer_science

22. head [ n ] that part of a skeletal muscle that is away from the bone that it moves

Synonyms head Related Terms structure skeletal_muscle

23. head [ v ] form a head or come or grow to a head
Examples: "The wheat headed early this year"

Synonyms head Related Terms form

24. head [ n ] a rounded compact mass
Examples: "the head of a comet"

Synonyms head Related Terms object

25. Head [ n ] Last name, frequency rank in the U.S. is 962

Synonyms Head

26. head [ n ] (informal) a user of (usually soft) drugs
Examples: "the office was full of secret heads"

Synonyms head Related Terms drug_user acid_head hash_head pill_head pothead colloquialism

27. head [ n ] the foam or froth that accumulates at the top when you pour an effervescent liquid into a container
Examples: "the beer had a large head of foam"

Synonyms head Related Terms foam

28. head [ n ] a toilet on board a boat or ship

Synonyms head Related Terms toilet

29. head [ n ] a projection out from one end
Examples: "the head of the nail", "a pinhead is the head of a pin"

Synonyms head Related Terms projection pinhead nail pin screw bolt

30. head [ n ] an individual person
Examples: "tickets are $5 per head"

Synonyms head Related Terms individual

31. head [ n ] a line of text serving to indicate what the passage below it is about
Examples: "the heading seemed to have little to do with the text"

Synonyms heading header head Related Terms line title headline running_head rubric subheading lemma crossheading

32. head [ n ] the educator who has executive authority for a school
Examples: "she sent unruly pupils to see the principal"

Synonyms school_principal principal head head_teacher Related Terms educator headmaster headmistress chancellor

33. head [ n ] the subject matter at issue
Examples: "the question of disease merits serious discussion" "under the head of minor Roman poets"

Synonyms question head Related Terms subject problem question_of_law question_of_fact

34. head [ n ] the striking part of a tool
Examples: "the head of the hammer"

Synonyms head Related Terms striker golfclub_head hammerhead hammer ram face

35. head [ n ] a dense clusters of flowers or foliage
Examples: : "a head of cauliflower" "a head of lettuce"

Synonyms head capitulum Related Terms plant_organ

36. head [ n ] the length or height based on the size of a human or animal head
Examples: "he is two heads taller than his little sister" "his horse won by a head"

Synonyms head Related Terms linear_unit

37. head [ n ] a V-shaped mark at one end of an arrow pointer
Examples: "the point of the arrow was due north"

Synonyms head point Related Terms mark arrow

38. head [ n ] the tip of an abscess (where the pus accumulates)

Synonyms head Related Terms point abscess

39. head [ n ] forward movement
Examples: "the ship made little headway against the gale"

Synonyms head headway Related Terms progress lead

40. head [ v ] remove the head of
Examples: "head the fish"

Synonyms head Related Terms remove

41. head [ n ] (usually plural) an obverse side of a coin that bears the representation of a person's head
Examples: "call heads or tails!"

Synonyms head Related Terms tail obverse coin plural

42. head [ v ] take its rise
Examples: "These rivers head from a mountain range in the Himalayas"

Synonyms head Related Terms originate

43. head [ n ] a membrane that is stretched taut over a drum

Synonyms drumhead head Related Terms membrane drum

44. head [ n ] oral-genital stimulation
Examples: "they say he gives good head"

Synonyms head oral_sex Related Terms perversion soixante-neuf fellatio cunnilingus

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