1. [ adjective ] able or likely to do harm
Related terms: dangerous
2. [ adjective ] tending to cause great harm
Synonyms: evil injurious
Related terms: malign
3. [ adjective ] causing or capable of causing harm

"too much sun is harmful to the skin" "harmful effects of smoking"

Related terms: harmless damaging ill catastrophic counterproductive bad abusive stabbing bruising deleterious calumniatory insidious mischievous nocent painful destructive toxic malign offensive unwholesome noxious disadvantageous
4. [ adjective ] injurious to physical or mental health
Synonyms: noxious

"noxious chemical wastes" "noxious ideas"

Related terms: innocuous baneful corrupting vesicatory toxic unwholesome
5. [ adjective ] contrary to your interests or welfare
Synonyms: adverse untoward inauspicious

"adverse circumstances" "made a place for themselves under the most untoward conditions"

Related terms: unfavorable
6. [ adjective ] constituting a disadvantage
Synonyms: disadvantageous
Related terms: advantageous minus inopportune inexpedient
Similar spelling:   harmfully