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Definition of gratefull

"gratefull" is probably misspelled. Trying grateful instead Definition of grateful

1. grateful [ a ] feeling or showing gratitude
Examples: "a grateful heart" "grateful for the tree's shade" "a thankful smile"

Used in print:

(Harold Searles, "Schizophrenic Communication,"...)

For_example , one hebephrenic man used_to annoy me , month after month , by saying , whenever I got_up to leave and made my fairly steoreotyped comment that I would be seeing him on the following day , or whenever , `` You 're welcome '' , in a notably condescending fashion - as though it were his due for me to thank him for the privilege of spending the hour with him , and he were thus pointing_up my failure to utter a humbly grateful , `` thank_you '' to him at the end of each session .

(Doris Miles Disney, Mrs. Meeker's Money....)

The secretary 's tone indicated that an appointment at such short notice was a concession for which Madden should be duly grateful .

Synonyms grateful thankful Related Terms ungrateful glad appreciative

2. grateful [ a ] affording comfort or pleasure
Examples: "the grateful warmth of the fire"

Synonyms grateful Related Terms pleasant

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