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Definition of grand_mother

"grand_mother" is probably misspelled. Trying grandmother instead Definition of grandmother

1. grandmother [ n ] the mother of your father or mother

Used in print:

(Philip Reaves, "Who Rules the Marriage Bed?"...)

The meekest , most submissive wife of today is a tiger by her mother 's or grandmother 's standards .

(Helen Hooven Santmyer, "There Were Fences"...)

I have no picture in my mind of the garden as_a_whole - that I could not see - but certain aspects of certain corners linger in the memory : wind-blown , frost-bitten , white chrysanthemums beneath a window , with their brittle brown leaves and their sharp scent of November ; ripe pears lying in long grass , to be turned_over by a dusty slippered foot , cautiously , lest bees still worked in the ragged , brown edged holes ; hot colored verbenas in the corner between the dining-room wall and the side porch , where we passed on_our_way to the pump with the half gourd tied to it as a cup by my grandmother for our childish pleasure in drinking from it .

I think that my grandmother was not an impassioned gardener :

These my grandmother left in their places ( they are still there , more persistent and longer-lived than the generations of man ) and planted others like them , that flourished without careful tending .

(Harold Searles, "Schizophrenic Communication,"...)

At_first I did not know what she meant ; I thought she must be seeing me as some one who had just come from seeing her grandmother , in their distant home city .

Synonyms grandmother granny grandma gran grannie Related Terms grandparent nan

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