1. [ adjective ] characterized by unusual lightness and delicacy
Synonyms: ethereal

"this smallest and most ethereal of birds" "gossamer shading through his playing"

Related terms: delicate
2. [ noun ] (clothing) a gauze fabric with an extremely fine texture
Related terms: gauze
3. [ adjective ] so thin as to transmit light
Synonyms: transparent filmy see-through sheer gauzy vaporous cobwebby diaphanous

"a hat with a diaphanous veil" "filmy wings of a moth" "gauzy clouds of dandelion down" "gossamer cobwebs" "sheer silk stockings" "transparent chiffon" "vaporous silks"

Related terms: thin
4. [ noun ] filaments from a cobweb
Synonyms: cobweb
Related terms: fibril
Similar spelling:   gosmore