1. [ noun ] a mental representation of some haunting experience
Synonyms: specter spook wraith spectre shade

"he looked like he had seen a ghost" "it aroused specters from his past"

Related terms: apparition spook
2. [ verb ] move like a ghost

"The masked men ghosted across the moonlit yard"

Related terms: travel
3. [ noun ] (writing) a writer who gives the credit of authorship to someone else
Synonyms: ghostwriter
Related terms: writer
4. [ verb ] (writing) write for someone else
Synonyms: ghostwrite

"How many books have you ghostwritten so far?"

Related terms: author writing
5. [ verb ] haunt like a ghost; pursue
Synonyms: haunt obsess

"Fear of illness haunts her"

Related terms: preoccupy preoccupy
6. [ noun ] (religion) the visible disembodied soul of a dead person
Related terms: soul ringer revenant doppelgänger poltergeist
7. [ noun ] a suggestion of some quality
Synonyms: touch trace

"there was a touch of sarcasm in his tone" "he detected a ghost of a smile on her face"

Related terms: suggestion