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Definition of get_rid

"get_rid" is probably misspelled. Trying get_rid_of instead Definition of get_rid_of

1. get_rid_of [ v ] dispose of
Examples: "Get rid of these old shoes!" "The company got rid of all the dead wood"

Used in print:

(John Hazard Wildman, "Take It Off," The Arizona...)

The children rushed_off to get_rid_of their sweaters ; and Arlene began tapping the kitchen door open .

Synonyms get_rid_of remove Related Terms discard weed_out dump cull work_off removal

2. get_rid_of [ v ] terminate or take out
Examples: "Let's eliminate the course on Akkadian hieroglyphics"

Used in print:

(San Francisco Chronicle,...)

`` The news of their experiments reach the farmers who , forgetting that birds are the_most efficient natural enemies of insects and rodents , are encouraged to try to get_rid_of all birds that occasionally peck their grapes or their blueberries '' , Buchheister told the delegates .

(Los Angeles Times,...)

While he declined to suggest , how , he said that sooner_or_later we must get_rid_of Castro , `` for unless we do we 're liable_to face similar situations in_this hemisphere .

(The Nation, 193: 16...)

The big question is whether , in the name of a restored Chinese-Soviet solidarity , the Chinese will choose to persuade the Albanians to present their humble apologies to Khrushchev - or get_rid_of Enver_Hoxa .

Synonyms eliminate get_rid_of do_away_with Related Terms destroy exclude knock_out cancel_out cut_out cut drown snuff_out cut_out decouple decouple obliterate elimination

3. get_rid_of [ v ] do away with
Examples: "Slavery was abolished in the mid-19th century in America and in Russia"

Synonyms abolish get_rid_of Related Terms establish abrogate cashier abolition

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