1. [ adjective ] belonging to the front part

"a frontal appendage"

Related terms: anterior
2. [ adjective ] meeting front to front
Synonyms: head-on

"a frontal attack" "a head-on collision

Related terms: front
3. [ adjective ] of or adjacent to the forehead or frontal bone

"the frontal lobes"

Related terms: anterior
4. [ adjective ] (meteorology) of or relating to the front of an advancing mass of air

"frontal rainfall"

Related terms: meteorology front
5. [ noun ] a drapery that covers the front of an altar
Related terms: curtain
6. [ noun ] (architecture) the face or front of a building
Synonyms: facade frontage
Related terms: front frontispiece
7. [ noun ] an adornment worn on the forehead
Synonyms: frontlet
Related terms: adornment
Similar spelling:   frontally