1. [ pronoun ] preposition, means or cause
Synonyms: for_sake_of on_account_of owing_to through at because_of
2. [ pronoun ] preposition, rate, performance, cost, or other unit relative to one of
Synonyms: per a an at each at_the_rate_of
3. [ pronoun ] preposition
Synonyms: about over of regarding concerning

"What do you know regarding this accident?" "Tell me about your day." "We know little concerning his later life." "He feels concern for his wife." "Do you have any news of the explosion?" "We should not quarrel over details."

4. [ pronoun ] preposition to indicate purpose
Synonyms: fer to a in_order_to

"I brought these for you." "What is this button for?" "In order to get it, you have to read it." "I went to London to see the Queen."

5. [ conjunction ] conjunction, as a result of, explained by
Synonyms: because since as
6. [ pronoun ] preposition
Synonyms: within
Similar spelling:   four