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Definition of foll

"foll" is probably misspelled. Trying folly instead Definition of folly

1. folly [ n ] the trait of acting stupidly or rashly

Used in print:

(Irving Fineman, Woman of Valor: The Life of Henrietta...)

She could not resist the opportunity `` of showing her superiority in argument over a man '' which she had remarked as one of the `` feminine follies '' of Sara_Sullam ; and in her forthright way , Henrietta , who in her story of Sara had indicated her own unwillingness `` to think_of men as the privileged '' and `` women as submissive and yielding '' , felt obliged to defend vigorously any statement of hers to which Morris_Jastrow took the slightest exception - he objected to her stand on the Corbin affair , as_well_as on the radical reforms of Dr._Wise of Hebrew_Union_College - until once , in sheer desperation , he wrote that he had given_up hope they would ever agree on anything .

Synonyms foolishness folly unwiseness Related Terms wisdom trait absurdity indiscretion

2. folly [ n ] a stupid mistake

Used in print:


But to imitate an opponent when he has made the mistake of his life would be a new high in statesmanlike folly .

Synonyms stupidity folly foolishness imbecility betise Related Terms mistake

3. folly [ n ] the quality of being rash and foolish

Synonyms foolishness craziness folly Related Terms stupidity

4. folly [ n ] foolish or senseless behavior

Synonyms foolery tomfoolery indulgence craziness lunacy folly Related Terms play buffoonery meshugaas horse_around

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