1. [ verb ] grow stronger
Synonyms: expand prosper thrive get_ahead boom

"The economy was booming"

Related terms: grow revive luxuriate boom
2. [ noun ] a showy gesture

"she entered with a great flourish"

Related terms: gesture
3. [ verb ] gain in wealth
Synonyms: prosper thrive fly_high fligh_high
Related terms: change_state
4. [ noun ] an ornamental embellishment in writing
Related terms: embellishment paraph
5. [ noun ] the act of waving
Synonyms: brandish
Related terms: wave brandish
6. [ verb ] move or swing back and forth
Synonyms: wave brandish

"She waved her gun."

Related terms: move wigwag hold
7. [ noun ] a display of ornamental speech or language
Related terms: grandiosity
8. [ noun ] (music,fine art) a short lively tune played on brass instruments
Synonyms: tucket fanfare

"he entered to a flourish of trumpets" "her arrival was greeted with a rousing fanfare"

Related terms: tune music
Similar spelling:   flourishing