1. [ noun ] the act of fighting; any contest or struggle
Synonyms: fight combat scrap

"a fight broke out at the hockey game" "there was fighting in the streets" "the unhappy couple got into a terrible scrap"

Related terms: conflict brush hassle shock beating gunfight battering fistfight duel affray in-fighting knife_fight brawl dogfight fencing rumble set-to blow fight quarrel
2. [ adjective ] (military) engaged in or ready for military or naval operations
Synonyms: active combat-ready

"on active duty" "the platoon is combat-ready" "review the fighting forces"

Related terms: military operational
3. [ adjective ] engaged in war
Synonyms: militant war-ridden warring belligerent

"belligerent (or warring) nations" "a fighting war"

Related terms: unpeaceful
4. [ adjective ] disposed to loud disagreements and fighting
Synonyms: brawling
Related terms: disorderly
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