1. [ noun ] (botany) tall fast-growing timber tree with leaves containing a medicinal oil; young leaves are bluish
Synonyms: Eucalyptus_globulus blue_gum
Related terms: eucalyptus
2. [ noun ] (botany) ornamental shrub or small tree of swampy areas in southwestern United States having large pink or white sepals and yielding Georgia bark for treating fever
Synonyms: bitter-bark Pinckneya_pubens Georgia_bark
Related terms: shrub Pinckneya
3. [ noun ] (botany) any of several trees having leaves or barks used to allay fever or thought to indicate regions free of fever
Related terms: tree
4. [ noun ] (botany) African tree supposed to mark healthful regions
Synonyms: Acacia_xanthophloea
Related terms: acacia genus_Acacia
Similar spelling:   fevered