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Definition of ferrete

"ferrete" is probably misspelled. Trying ferret instead Definition of ferret

1. ferret [ n ] ferret of prairie regions of United States; nearly extinct

Synonyms ferret Mustela_nigripes black-footed_ferret Related Terms musteline_mammal Mustela

2. ferret [ v ] search and discover through persistent investigation
Examples: "She ferreted out the truth"

Synonyms ferret_out grub ferret Related Terms search discover ferret_out

3. ferret [ v ] hunt with ferrets

Synonyms ferret Related Terms hunt black-footed_ferret

4. ferret [ v ] hound or harry relentlessly

Synonyms ferret Related Terms hound

5. ferret [ n ] domesticated albino variety of the European polecat bred for hunting rats and rabbits

Synonyms ferret Related Terms polecat

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