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Definition of extremly

"Extremly" is probably misspelled. Trying extremely instead Definition of extremely

1. extremely [ r ] to a high degree or extent; favorably or with much respect
Examples: "highly successful" "He spoke highly of her" "does not think highly of his writing" "extremely interesting"

Used in print:

(James A. Ibers et al., "Proton magnetic resonance...)

However , any oxygen nonequivalence would shorten either the already extremely short **f interlayer distance of 2.55 A or the non hydrogen_bonded **f interlayer interactions which are already quite short at 2.58 A .

(Jay C. Harris and John R. Van Wazer, "Detergent...)

Although there is no question but that the process of washing fabrics involves a number of phenomena which are related together in an extremely complicated way and that these phenomena and their interrelations are not well understood at the present , this section attempts to present briefly an up-to-date picture of the physical_chemistry of washing either fabrics or hard surfaces .

Dirt , which is here defined as particulate material which is usually inorganic and is very often extremely finely divided so as to exhibit colloidal properties .

This is a theoretically complicated dipole interaction which causes any extremely small uncharged particle to agglomerate with other small uncharged particles , or to stick_to an uncharged surface .

(M. Yokoyama et al., "Chemical and serological...)

one of extremely low anionic binding capacity , one of low anionic binding capacity and one of high anionic binding capacity .

Synonyms highly extremely Related Terms high high

2. extremely [ r ] to an extreme degree
Examples: "extremely cold" "extremely unpleasant"

Used in print:

(R. F. Shaw, "The `Private Eye`"...)

Poirot and his counterparts are perfectly respectable people ; it is true that they are also extremely dull .

(Kenneth Reiner, "Coping with Runaway Technology"...)

We have proved so able to solve technological problems that to contend we cannot realize a universal goal in the immediate future is to be extremely shortsighted , if nothing else .

(The Family Fallout Shelter. Office of Civil and Defence...)

But the radiation may be so intense at_the_start that one_percent may be extremely dangerous .

(Committee for Economic Development, Distressed...)

This procedure is extremely shortsighted in chronic labor surplus areas with a long history of declining employment .

Synonyms extremely Related Terms extreme extreme

3. extremely [ r ] to an extreme degree
Examples: "the house was super clean for Mother's visit"

Used in print:

(Sports Age, 24:9...)

The American firearms and ammunition manufacturers through diligent research and technical development have replaced the muzzle_loader and slow firing single shot arms with modern fast firing autoloaders , extremely accurate bolt , lever , and slide_action firearms .

Synonyms super extremely

4. extremely [ r ] to an extreme degree or extent
Examples: "his eyesight was exceedingly defective"

Synonyms exceedingly extremely passing Related Terms extreme exceeding extreme exceeding

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