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Definition of exquisit

"exquisit" is probably misspelled. Trying exquisite instead Definition of exquisite

1. exquisite [ a ] intense or sharp
Examples: "suffered exquisite pain" "felt exquisite pleasure"

Used in print:

(Leo Lemon, "Catch Up With" and "Something to...)

Done in the modern style of a `` confession '' , Fink tells in exquisite detail how he came to know , and , more important , love his mother 's pet salamander , Alicia .

Synonyms exquisite keen Related Terms intense

2. exquisite [ a ] of delicate composition and artistry
Examples: "a dainty teacup" "an exquisite cameo"

Synonyms dainty fine exquisite Related Terms delicate

3. exquisite [ a ] lavishly elegant and refined

Synonyms recherche exquisite Related Terms elegant

4. exquisite [ a ] of extreme beauty
Examples: "her exquisite face"

Synonyms exquisite Related Terms beautiful

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