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Definition of esse

"esse" is probably misspelled. Trying ESE instead Definition of ESE

1. ESE [ n ] the compass point midway between east and southeast

Synonyms ESE east_southeast Related Terms compass_point

Rhymes with

s s. es guests' guess fess less mess ness guests yes nes ches hesse hess chess press crests tress dress bless press' cress caress assess us stress oas oppress obsess recess egress aggress address finesse possess excess ins success depress regress digress noblesse confess redress undress largesse impress profess fluoresce repress suppress excess duress seles distress compress coalesce acquiesce reassess express' express progress outguess recess access address abscess repossess dispossess nonetheless convalesce nevertheless transgress empress impress gutless headdress headrests princess redress regress process letterpress compress progress nogales overdress intrusiveness watercress reprocess casualness

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