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Definition of eratic

"eratic" is probably misspelled. Trying erratic instead Definition of erratic

1. erratic [ a ] liable to sudden unpredictable change
Examples: "erratic behavior" "fickle weather" "mercurial twists of temperament" "a quicksilver character, cool and willful at one moment, utterly fragile the next"

Used in print:

(Francis J. Johnston and John E. Willard, "The...)

The liquid phase photochemical_exchange between chlorine and carbon_tetrachloride was more reproducible than the thermal exchange , although still erratic .

Synonyms erratic mercurial quicksilver fickle Related Terms changeable

2. erratic [ a ] having no fixed course
Examples: "an erratic comet" "his life followed a wandering course" "a planetary vagabond"

Synonyms planetary wandering erratic Related Terms unsettled

3. erratic [ a ] likely to perform unpredictably
Examples: "erratic winds are the bane of a sailor" "a temperamental motor sometimes it would start and sometimes it wouldn't" "that beautiful but temperamental instrument the flute"- Osbert Lancaster

Synonyms temperamental erratic Related Terms unreliable

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