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Definition of entertainement

"entertainement" is probably misspelled. Trying entertainment instead Definition of entertainment

1. entertainment [ n ] an activity that entertains

Used in print:

(Frank Getlein and Harold C. Gardiner, S.J., Movies,...)

In the field of entertainment there is no spur to financial daring so effective as audience boredom , and the first decade of the new device was not over before audiences began staying away in large_numbers from the simple-minded , one minute shows .

When he came to the movies - more_or_less by accident - they were still cheap entertainment capable of enthralling the unthinking for an idle few minutes .

But in_general the European efforts to make an art of the entertainment had ignored the slowly emerging language of the film itself .

(Guy Bolton, The Olympians....)

As they waited for supper they sat by the fire , glasses in_hand , while Byron philosophized as much for his own entertainment as hers .

(John Hazard Wildman, "Take It Off," The Arizona...)

he liked children , in a loathsome kind of way ; the two youngest in our family always had to be brought_in and put_through tricks for his entertainment .

Synonyms entertainment amusement Related Terms diversion show extravaganza edutainment beguilement militainment amuse

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