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Definition of endevour

"ENDEVOUR" is probably misspelled. Trying endeavour instead Definition of endeavour

1. endeavour [ n ] earnest and conscientious activity intended to do or accomplish something
Examples: : "made an effort to cover all the reading material" "wished him luck in his endeavor" "she gave it a good try"

Synonyms effort attempt try endeavor endeavour Related Terms activity shot test shot contribution struggle test best striving essay batting bid takeover_attempt mug's_game crack power_play worst foray seeking research_effort braving liberation try

2. endeavour [ v ] attempt by employing effort
Examples: "we endeavor to make our customers happy"

Synonyms strive endeavor endeavour Related Terms try struggle take_pains emulate buck attempt enterprise striving

3. endeavour [ n ] a purposeful or industrious undertaking (especially one that requires effort or boldness)
Examples: "he had doubts about the whole enterprise"

Synonyms enterprise endeavor endeavour Related Terms undertaking racket business_activity forlorn_hope endeavor

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