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Definition of emaculate

"emaculate" is probably misspelled. Trying emasculate instead Definition of emasculate

1. emasculate [ v ] deprive of strength or vigor
Examples: "The Senate emasculated the law"

Used in print:

(William Gomberg, "Unions and the Anti-Trust Laws"...)

The courts , by interpretation , emasculated the act .

Synonyms emasculate castrate Related Terms weaken emasculation

2. emasculate [ a ] having unsuitable feminine qualities

Synonyms emasculate epicene cissy sissified sissyish sissy effeminate Related Terms unmanly

3. emasculate [ v ] remove the testicles of a male animal

Synonyms castrate demasculinize demasculinise emasculate Related Terms sterilize caponize geld castration

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