1. [ adverb ] additional to or different from this one or place or time or manner

"nobody else is here" "she ignored everything else" "I don't know where else to look" "when else can we have the party?" "couldn't decide how else it could be done"

2. [ adjective ] other than what is under consideration or implied

"ask somebody else" "I don't know what else to do" "where else can we look?"

Related terms: other
3. [ adjective ] more
Synonyms: additional

"would you like anything else?" "I have nothing else to say"

Related terms: added
4. [ adverb ] (usually used with `or') if not, then

"watch your step or else you may fall" "leave or else I'll get angry"

5. [ noun ] Woman's first name, popularity rank in the U.S. is 2369
Similar spelling:   Elise